Quality certificate

of Spanish Network of Youth Hostels
(Red Española de Albergues Juveniles)

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 25.03.2021

The Hostel Gran Canaria is the first hostel in the Canary Islands and the 3th in Spain who has got the honour to be certificated with the “Sello de Compromiso REAJ” (Red Espanola de Albergues Juveniles).

El Sello de Compromiso REAJ, or translated into English, “The Commitment Stamp of REAJ” is one initiative of the Spanish Network of Youth Hostels.

The objective is to certificate the excelence of the instalations.  Not only the high standards of quality demands, but also in the relationship of the hostel in it´s social and environmental commitment, who is part of the DNA of the Hostel Network.

For getting this Commitment Stamp, the Hostel had to past an audit and certify compliance of the 105 items composed in this stamp.

The Albergue Hostel Gran Canaria offers maximum quality service and is very high recommended by it´s visitors on the Island of Gran Canaria.

Hostels are so much more than just a place to stay, and thanks to this commitment, we guarantee to our visitors, that behalf of the quality standards, we also collaborate active towards a world more substainable, tolerant, inclusive and pacific. Making sure all of our guests are participating to make this world a better place.

This commitment stamp has got a value of 3 years.

In 2024, we will be obliged to renew the checklist and pass again the audit.